Saturday, February 28, 2009

OK, So it started like this....

Just before Christmas we noticed 3 things,  moldy smell, baseboards moving away from the wall, and the sound of water running.  Hum what could it be?  A leaky pipe maybe?   So Shaun & his Dad took the cupboard off the wall and found mold behind it.  They then tore into the sheet rock and found it very damp along with all the insulation. It was wet floor to ceiling, and on the other side of the wall is the tub & shower head.  So after 3 different plumbers came out, the conclusion was this;  there was a leak in the pipe that goes from the water heater under the ground (beneath the concrete slab) and up to a junction behind where the cupboard.  It was most likely caused by expansion & contraction of the pipe ( it was the hot water pipe) against the rocks in the ground. ( The pipe is supposed to be surrounded by sand not ROCKS!)  The hot water was leaking out and the steam was coming up through a hole in the slab by the tub which was causing all the wetness in the wall and insulation.  resulting in the mold and moving baseboards.  So the plumber came Dec.23 and rerouted the pipe through the laundry room, on the outside of the wall. In Jan. sometime he came back and put it inside the wall.  Last weekend Shaun closed up the hole.  So here is a picture of where it all occurred. sorry I didn't get a picture of the hole.
We had to empty and move the cupboard and desk to many times to count, and this is what our kitchen looked like for a while.
Then I got this crazy idea. Lets make make rolling shelves for the cupboard!  So here is what the shelves with the dividers look like
Shaun is doing such a great job!!  ( can you see the generators from the ice storm, we are storing them for the stake until they are all returned and can be moved to a new location)
It worked, it is so exciting. My Dad would be proud.
Doesn't it look all neat and organized. Now for the rest of the kitchen.


Verena said...

OOOooooo! So organized! Yes, I think Dad would be proud. Not many people can boast such beautiful rolling shelves. Way to make a blessing out of a trial!

Heike said...

Wow, that really looks great. Good job! You need to come to Germany in my home to organize my kitchen!

Scates Family said...

Wow! That turned out awesome, and looks so organized. I can't wait to see it.

Ririe Family said...

oh dang. when are you going ti post pictures of the boys room? I guess I'll got to see it next week.