Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another Week (O.k. two) Gone Bye

Now that the chickens are settled into their routine, we are getting about a dozen eggs a day.  It's almost a contest among the kids to see who gets to go and collect eggs.  
Grandpa Sedrick and I put hard labour into building this run for the chickens.  It is all out of supplies we had around the house.  The chickens kept being mauled by the neighborhood dogs, (the one in the pic is ours) and we built this to keep them safe.
This is one of the chickens that was attacked.  Poor thing got all its tail-feathers ripped out. 
This is one of unexciting things we've been working on the last few weeks.  It consisted of a lot of sawing and splitting.  
Although, having a roaring fireplace is very rewarding.

A tid-bit of information on the side, on January 13, Carrie and Mitch had their first baby.  It was a little boy, Eric.  (For more info., visit the Ririe Blog.)


Netti said...

for some reason that makes me want chickens--but they wouldn't survive with Shiner

Verena said...

OOooooh I love it! Can I have chickens too? Your chicken tractor turned out great!

Anonymous said...

You are funny - collect the eggs? It's gather the eggs.