Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thanksgiving 2010

Autumn and her boys came down to see us and spend Thanksgiving. I wish I had a picture of her and the boys, I ended up with 4 pictures from the holiday and 2 were good. This one of the girls as indians with their Thanksgiving turkey.
And this one of Noah. The girls tried to make him look like a pilgrim with the vest.
We had such a fun time with them here. Autumn was even game to go shopping on Black Friday. (she found the best deals) Dan, Sarah, and Hannah wanted to experience black Friday so we braved the crowds (it really wasn't too bad.) Dan ended up going with Mitch at 5:00 a.m.
and saw all the crazies, we decided to go a little later, after the crazies were back home in bed.
We are glad Autumn came to see us one day we will go to Hawaii to see Her and Mike.

Eric loves trains that go, so when the girls set up this train around the Christmas tree, Eric was in heaven! He made a human bridge,
This entertained him for quite a while.

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The Sedrick Menagerie said...

I love the Thanksgiving costumes, what a fun way to get into the spirit of Thanksgiving.