Friday, February 11, 2011

Isabelle's Birthday

Isabelle turned 7 in November. She was so excited about her birthday. She really wanted breakfast in bed and she was specific about it having a face. So the eggs were the eyes we made a nose out of toast and a bacon mouth. She absolutely loved it!
She also wanted a Ninja cake.
We found a ninja costume after halloween for real cheap too.
She loves to do art and drawing.
Happy Birthday Isabelle!


Familie May said...

Great Birthday ideas! So Isabelle is nearly the same age as Martin. Martin will turn 8 this year on August 1st.
Like your new blog design!

Verena said...

What a cool birthday! Can I have a birthday at your house?

The Sedrick Menagerie said...

Cute cake and I love the face breakfast. Maybe I will ask for a face breakfast on my birthday.